Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Links Mar 28, 2014

Set up your own VPN

Deep learning and NLP - This is a follow on (for me) from Monday's DC2 deep learning lecture (which was excellent)

Clusters may be less separated in real life than in the classroom. - You don't say?

The Sunlight Foundation's If This Then That channel

A timeline of statistics

Jeff Leek's take on what my stat professors called the "principal of parsimony"

Krugman on Paul Pfleiderer on assumptions in modeling - This was written for economics, but in principle it's relevant to anyone doing quantitative modeling.

Inside the algorithms predicting the future!

A bit on Bayesian statistics

Some links on Thomas Piketty - (1, 2, 3) HT to Marginal Revolution for some of these. I have Piketty's book and am looking forward to reading it when things slow down. (Read: when I stop taking work home with me.)

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