Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Links April 25, 2014

Short list today

Economics in 297 words

People do not like independent draws when their playlist is on shuffle.

Avoiding common data interpretation errors



    fri link candidate or a post on its own. i looked at the curriculum and i just don't think it is very mathematically rigorous nor computationally rigorous. how is it that these grads are getting high salaries?

    1. Majid, this is a good question and probably worthy of a whole post. I'd need to think about it for a while though. In the short run, there is a demand for anyone with an analytic tool set. I don't know how much it is that grads are actually getting high salaries vs hyperbole. Linda Burtch did a couple studies in this area that are worth checking out. Start with the "big data" one then the "data science" report.

      (You'll have to give up your email address to get access, but she's a recruiter specializing in quantitative professionals, so there are worse people to give your email address to. The worst she'd do to you is find you a job.)

      I'll try and put together a post over the next week or so.

    2. Oh, also. I don't know about the MS analytics program, but NCSU is top notch in statistics. US News has them as #15 for graduate statistics. I didn't dig into how much crossover (if any) there is between the stats department and the MS analytics program, however.


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