Thursday, May 15, 2014

Follow up: Make the R go!

I posted this link to Hadley Wickham's e-book, Advanced R Programming, earlier.

Turns out the Data Community DC is hosting a workshop on that very topic.

For context: I have learned theses things in the last year or so:
  1. Many operations are embarrassingly parallel.
  2. Some operations have to be performed in sequence; R does not do so well here. Proceed with your "for loop" with caution. (Though sometimes it's just fine, situation dictates.)
  3. The best way to address (2) is with some good old fashioned C, C++, or Fortran. ("I was coding in Fortran before it was cool." *Throws down latte, puts on Ray Bans, takes Macbook out of cafe*)
How could one go about learning to handle such things in R? I guess you could click here... or here. I won't judge. (I will, however, be at this training session.)

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