About Me

My name is Tommy; I am a statistician, mathematician, or data scientist—depending on the problem or the audience—in Washington DC.

Me (left) with my dad—the other Thomas Jonesspring 2014.

Three fun facts

  1. I am a Marine Corps veteran. I was in the infantry and somehow stumbled into economics and math in college. I still sometimes ask myself "how did I get here?"
  2. I failed algebra the first time I took it, got a "D" in geometry, and stopped taking math in high school as soon as I could. Wait: "how did I get here?"
  3. I don't have an "off" switch. Anyone who knows me can explain what this means better than me. But thank you all for putting up with me.

Work and Education

I am the Director of Data Science at 3e Services. I am building a data science lab called 3e Labs. My LinkedIn profile is here

I have a B.A. in economics from the College of William & Mary. I have an M.S. in mathematics and statistics from Georgetown University. Those were two of the best decisions I've ever made. I am currently pursuing a PhD. in George Mason's Computational Science and Informatics program. My concentration is computational statistics.

Research etc.

My GitHub repositories are here.

Check out my main research & presentations page.